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Program usage example

The initial view of OneNote after BibleNote (OneNote IStudyBibleTools) was installed and configured.

Первоначальный вид

There are three automatically generated notebooks on the left side of the screen. You can read more about each of them here.

Let's add a new section called "Articles" and a new page called "The Law and the Gospel" in the notebook "Bible Study".

Добавление раздела Добавление страницы

Let's write a text with Biblical references.


Click on the button "Notes Analysis" which is in the "BibleNote" ("IStudyBibleTools") tab.

Анализ заметок

The "Notes Analysis" function starts.

Окно программы

Click on the "OK" button. The program finds all the notes stored in "Bible Study" and "Comments to the Bible" notebooks, analyzes these notes, extracts the Biblical references mentioned in these notes and connects these notes to the Biblical references.

Работа программы

As a result, all Biblical references mentioned in our article become hyperlinks.


If we click on the Biblical reference - the page with this verse of the Bible will open.

Привязка к Библии

We can see the link "Notes" to the right of this verse of Bible. Now, while reading the Bible we can see that this verse was mentioned somewhere in our notes. If we click on the link "Notes" – a page will show us a list of all the notes in which this verse of the Bible was mentioned.

Сводная заметок

We can click on any link - the note will open and the paragraph with this verse of the Bible will be selected.

Переход на заметку

As a result, all our Bible study notes (courses, outlines, sermons, articles, etc.) are connected to the Bible. While reading the Bible in OneNote we can see all the notes that we have taken about any passage of scripture!

The program supports full book names as well as abbreviations (e.g. Isaiah or Is). It does not matter if you use lowercase or uppercase letters, but please note that the chapter and verse should be separated by a colon (Isaiah 55:3).

Details of how to use OneNote, the Bible study software, and additional programs for self-study of the Bible are contained in manual.